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MBSC Rentals

TypeWatersportWatersportPer Hour4 HoursAll DayInfo
Sailboats Catalina 14.2 Catalina 14.224.0072.0096.00 Book Now
Sailboats Capri 16.5 Capri 16.530.0090.00135.00 Book Now
Sailboats Capri 22 Capri 2240.00120.00160.00 Book Now
Powerboats Scout 175 Scout 175105.00365.00475.00 Book Now
Powerboats Pontoon Boat Pontoon Boat125.00440.00575.00 Book Now
Powerboats Fun Sun Chair Fun Sun Chair35.00105.00105.00 Book Now
Powerboats 20' Bayliner 20' Bayliner150.00520.00650.00 Book Now
Powerboats 18' SeaRay 18' SeaRay125.00475.00550.00 Book Now
Powerboats 19' Tahoe 19' Tahoe150.00525.00650.00 Book Now
Powerboats 18' Duffy Electric Boat 18' Duffy Electric Boat75.00250.000.00 Book Now
Waverunners Yamaha Waverunner Yamaha Waverunner95.00325.00450.00 Book Now
Kayaking Single Kayak Single Kayak13.0039.0044.00 Book Now
Kayaking Tandem Kayak Tandem Kayak18.0054.0060.00 Book Now
Pedal Boats Water Bee 200 Water Bee 20017.0055.0055.00 Book Now
Pedal Boats Water Bee 400 Water Bee 40024.0072.0096.00 Book Now
Catamarans Hobie Wave Hobie Wave30.0090.00120.00 Book Now
Catamarans Hobie Getaway Hobie Getaway35.00105.00140.00 Book Now
Paddle Boards Paddle Boards Paddle Boards15.0045.0060.00 Book Now
Surf Board Surf Board Surf Board5.0015.0020.00 Book Now
Surf Board Boogey Boards Boogey Boards3.0010.000.00 Book Now